Permanent Magnet Motor Safety Tools

Permanent Magnet Motors (PMMs) are the newest development in the electrical submersible pump industry. It has been well documented on the potential electrical savings associated with deploying a PMM instead of a standard induction motor to drive submersible pumps.


Along with the inherent value of operating a more efficient motor, there is specialized safety tools that need to be deployed in order to keep the field engineering staff safe.


Innovative Production has spent countless hours coming up with the best approach for installation, maintenance and removal of a PMM from a wellbore. This patent pending solution includes an all metal rupture disc designed to flare open upon bursting to prevent ceramic or other material from becoming lodged in the ESP. Furthermore the thru tubing deployed dart eliminates the need for wireline on locating during pull out of hole operations.


*PMM Safety Tools are designed and manufactured by Republic Oil Tools LLC